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Annie & Mac/ Honeysuckle Winds

Honeysuckle Winds

Written by Wayne Stegall

Performed by Annie & Mac

Today I went back again and smelled the honeysuckle winds
Out on the Little Vine Church Road
I sat beneath the tulip tree and relived old days of you and me.
I closed my eyes while the memories flowed

And the fragrance entwined with the honeysuckle vines
While the memories danced with the wind
How I wish that you were there, one more time, so we could share
The sweetness of the honeysuckle winds.

I saw two people side by side, a nervous groom, a blushing bride
Leave the church and stopped beneath the tulip tree
And then I raised your veil of lace
And gently kissed your smiling face
Our love was sweet, like the honeysuckle breeze

(repeat chorus)


Annie & Mac are from Front Royal, Virginia and have been performing together since 2000 at parties, festivals, weddings, farm markets and on the web. The duo — influenced by musicians like Uncle Dave Macon, the Bailes Brothers, Tennessee Ernie Ford and more — specializes in “deep catalog old-time music” with folk elements. Two of Annie & Mac’s albums — “Fresh From the Cave” and “Like a Winding Stream” — can be purchased here,  whereas “Loose Strings, Instrumental Favorites” and “Browntown, God’s Country” can be purchased directly from their website.